Metaphysical or Energy Healing


The word Metaphysics is derived from the ancient Greeks. Meta means ‘beyond’ and Physic meaning ‘physical’ – so ‘beyond the physical’. In this sense, a Metaphysician is someone who practices healing beyond the ‘matter’ of a physical body. They address the body as a holistic energetic center and are able to determine the root cause of dis-ease and the energy behind the cause.

Energy moves faster than the speed of light and exists beyond time and space; as such we are able to offer metaphysical or energy healing remotely. All we need is your permission and we ask that you make yourself available at a certain time to receive the healing energy we transmit to you. Should you wish to receive the healing whilst you are sleeping, simply let us know your preference for this. Know that the healing sent is always for your highest intention and in accordance with the Will of God.

We are able to help everyone who we are called to assist. Relief of painful symptoms can be expected almost immediately.

The cost is $110 and covers 2 healing sessions. Further sessions may be necessary, depending on the type of dis-ease and the discordant energy behind the symptoms experienced.

Please supply us with your contact information:

Thank you ~ Debbie

Namasté ♥

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