archangel-michael-messagesGreetings! We welcome you to our website. Here you will find the latest channeled messages from Archangel Michael and other Higher Dimensional Beings that are dedicated to serving humanity at this time. Our website is also dedicated to raising Unity Consciousness and Oneness in the hearts of humanity. In the near future we will be offering more information on the healing benefits of crystals and channeled messages from the Devas of the Crystal Kingdom. The site is constantly changing as we add more updated information, so please visit often!

Currently our services include:

An Attunement to the Frequency of Divine Love with Archangel Michael

The Trinity of Blessings™ is an attunement from Archangel Michael to a higher frequency of vibration which, when received, helps you to become aligned with the vibration of Love, Joy and Peace that can exist within each person and therefore the world. These Blessings embrace Universal abundance, prosperity and wellbeing through the daily blessing and sharing of Love, Joy and Peace.

For more information please visit https://archangelsanddevas.wordpress.com/the-trinity-of-blessings-archangel-michael/

Archangel Michael Channeled Readings

I am honored to be able to offer channeled readings from Archangel Michael. He uses me as his channel and scribe to get messages across to you in answer to questions you send us. These readings are offered to you in person or by email.

Please visit this page for more information: https://archangelsanddevas.wordpress.com/archangel-michael-channeled-readings/

Archangel Oracle Card Readings

I am also honored to offer these readings to those who are seeking guidance from the Angelic Realm. These loving beings can help you to become aware of your own Spirituality. With an open heart and mind they can help guide you in every aspect of your life.

To find out more, please visit https://archangelsanddevas.wordpress.com/angel-card-readings/

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