Overcoming Addictions

stop smoking easilyWhat is an addiction? It is: “The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.” It can be related to substances like nicotine, drugs, food, a person, anything in fact that is not serving your highest intention. We prefer to think of addictions as not serving your best and highest intention. Why? Because they do not benefit you, neither do they benefit those closest to you. Usually when someone is addicted to something, some one close to them is suffering because of it. The person with the addiction does not even notice this, and if they do, they choose to ignore it.

Let’s take smoking for example. Smokers are mostly aware that their 2nd hand smoke causes more damage to those around them, but they smoke around others anyway.

Overcoming the addiction is most often believed to be extremely difficult. Terms like ‘cold turkey’ and ‘nicotine withdrawal’ often put people off attempting to quit smoking. Until you have gone through the quitting process yourself, its difficult for others to understand.

We can relate to this having overcome an addiction to both cigarettes and OTC pain killers containing a substance called codeine. We believe that BELIEF is the KEY to quitting any addiction. Beliefs are stored in your sub-conscious mind and determine 95% of your behavior. Thus if you have a behavior you want to change, you need to look for the belief behind the behavior in your sub-conscious mind.

We therefore use a simple NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) process that rewires the sub-conscious mind and changes the belief which is causing the addiction. This process is fast, painless and has no uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. There is only one condition: You have to WANT to overcome your addiction.

If you really want to overcome your addiction, with your whole heart and mind, then contact us using the form below.

Participants are required to make a donation of at least $100. Sessions are conducted online via Skype worldwide.