The Seraphim Healing Blessing

The Seraphim order of Angels are the most powerful order of Angels within the Angelic Realm. Archangel Michael is Regent Prince of the Seraphim and as his counterpart on Earth, I am able to act as the channel through which you give your permission to receive this very powerful Blessing.

This Blessing is Infinite and is therefore only needed once. It will continue to work it’s Divine magic, helping to transform the life of the person who has received it.


This Planet is a free will zone, so in order to receive this Blessing we require that you give us your permission. Please enter your first name and the name/s of a family member or friend that you think could use this Blessing also.

Do not doubt you will receive the Blessing. Archangel Michael, through One Unity Consciousness, knows each and every Soul who visits this webpage and if you are being drawn to enter your first name into the box provided below or enter the name of a friend or family member, then you are listening to your inner guidance. There is no such thing as co-incidence. All is Divinely intended for your highest and best intention, and according to Divine Will.

The Seraphim Angels are eternally grateful and honored to give you this Blessing!


22 thoughts on “The Seraphim Healing Blessing”

  1. jeffrey cheng said:

    Thank you for this great opportunity to be able to participate and receive this blessing. It is a chance of a lifetime that I encountered this on facebook at the right time or I could had missed it.

    Many people in my country in the philippines has the same name & surname used I hope the seraphim would know which one of us ask for it because I personally ask for the blessing myself. Thank you very much again for giving me this opportunity, maybe it is not a coincidence yet Im grateful for you and the heavenly realm for allowing me to have this spiritual healing blessing.

    thank you.


  2. If I may comment, you need not worry. Same name or not, you are as unique as a snowflake. They know who you are and love you. 🙂


  3. My Soul Knows ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. robert yankevicz said:

    I didn’t want to be narcistic so I mentioned my mother’s name because she is not feeling well.


  5. Lovely! Thank u!
    Blessed be.


  6. nisha shivdasani said:

    Thank u angels for always being there..


  7. nisha shivdasani said:

    Thank u..thank u Archangel Mivhael..I hv mentioned four names..and im feeling blessed thst you hv given me an opprtunity to ask for blessings.thank you


  8. nisha shivdasani said:

    Thank u..thank u Archangel Michael…I hv mentioned four names..and im feeling blessed thst you hv given me an opprtunity to ask for blessings.thank you


  9. Thanks for this blessing. I wish that all beeings can receive this for … we all need this loving energy


  10. Not many (as far as I consciously know) could free Bob from his bondage we all truly look forward to this blessing and thank you for all the many bestowed upon us to date as well as paying it forward thank you thank you Sincerely Susan


  11. both my daughters and I need healing ,thank you so much of all of my heart


  12. Sincere thanks to you and Michael for this blessing. May you be blessed a thousandfold ❤


  13. So grateful for the blessing.. Truly nothing is coincidence.. I came upon this page when my soul needed this blessing the most.. Thank you.


  14. Thank you for this opportunity for my husband as myself love and light to you


  15. This is my copyright painting of Archangel Uriel in Flight. It has been hacked from my Fine Art America Gallery, please remove it from your post and if you wish you can replace it with the water marked version from my website

    Re copyright and Sharing of my Angel Paintings
    The Angel paintings and Angelic messages that accompany them are copyright and may not be printed out.
    However they may be shared on the web if they are:
    Unchanged in nature with the watermarks in place.
    Attributed to Glenyss Bourne
    A link to the originals at is embedded in them.
    Angel Blessings
    Glenyss Bourne


  16. Thank You ❤


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