thank you2

I have recently asked the angels to help me and guide me as they see fit after reading something on the blog, asked them help things go smoother and for things to become clearer for me. Two days ago I had been wondering all day where my crystal/meditation journal had gone to. I asked (in my head) that it would show up, and I woke up the next morning and it was sitting right on my couch, my husband had randomly found it. Same thing for my purple telsa energy plate, lost for a couple days and right after I found my journal on the couch, my purple plate was sitting on my kitchen counter for me. A little tingle of knowingness and happiness set in over me! This wasn’t just random. After that I read the message you posted that was channeled from Archangel Michael. And once again asked for guidance from my angels and asked for the violet flame as well.

Well I was washing dishes a bit later and these words “Be expecting a visitor” popped into my head. It wasn’t quite like a thought of my own. Like they were placed there, I couldn’t see them or hear them but it was just that understanding in word form. About 30 seconds later a horn honked in my front yard!!! And I rarely get visitors. It was the mail woman, carrying a small package I had to sign for. I was thinking it was my hollandite on quartz lightbrary, and IMMEDIATELY felt the energy when holding the package. I opened it up and see a little gift tumblestone, maderia citrine, then….an incense stick. Which was the first odd thing because I have never owned an incense burner, but I bought one last week randomly from an urge while I was out picking up something for dinner! So, meant to be obviously. Anyway, I get to the crystal which is hidden in a little bag of some good smelling stuff, and I take it out and to my confusion and surprise, it is the beautiful Brandberg quartz crystal that I had placed in my shopping cart online and forgotten about, but had NOT paid for. And here it was sitting in my hands. I looked over the rock, the crystal itself is a tantric twin, but what I hadn’t known was that on the side of the crystal there are two more perfect examples of tantric twins growing side by side. You can just see the crystal world inside of it. Also something “funny” I learned after getting this, is that they are often called “Brandy’s” as a nickname for Brandberg. And my name is Brandi. And that they are perfect stones if you wish to connect to your spirit guides. If this all wasn’t a sign of sorts I don’t know what is. 
Not only this, but later on that night, our friend and his wife needed money to get through the week, and we don’t have a lot going around but they are good people and I couldn’t not help them out. Well they came over (for the first time ever I might add, and out of the blue they called so it was totally random), and I showed my friend the magnificent twin flame quartz my husband had gotten me for our anniversary, and she started to tell me about how she grew up in North Carolina near several crystal mines, and that her ex’s brother OWNS a mine there and that she is going to take all of us up there to go mine crystals right out of Mother Earth for free!!! The most amazing gift I can imagine. I only dreamed of getting them right out of the Earth myself, and here it is, once again handed to me.
All I can do is say thank you. Thank you Debbie for your blog and everyone who participates in making it happen, thank you to the angels who are guiding me and who are trying to make themselves known, thank you to my higher self for choosing this wonderful golden Aquarian Age and (what I feel is) a perfect age to spark these memories since I’m only 20. And I can’t wait to remember and know more. My husband and I are striving towards enlightenment in this incarnation, but I can only assume that everyone will reach that vibration naturally at some point now that we are in this new age. Who knows, can’t wait to see! ~ Brandi

First of all: Thank you, sooo much! Wooooooooow – what an amazing week! With much gratitude I received the attunement last Sunday right after you sent the pdf to me. (( I had pink, yellow and blue candles at home – coincidence? No way J))

Ever since then my life changed completely. Having done the meditation and the blessings every day this week, I feel something in between ecstatic and divine.

Although I have worked with meditations for more than 15 years now, there are just no words how deep and fulfilling they are now. Worries or negative feelings vanished in the air and I dare to speak my truth from the Heart without having the feeling of hurting anyone. Relationships are full of love and understanding. And the best and most important of all: my connection to my Higher Self deepened so much and we now have real and constant conversations.

I could go on forever…..  I’ll keep in touch if you like….

Thank you, thank you, thank you ~ I love you and I love Archangel Michael. With whom I have a deep connection also ~ wonderful. With abundant blessings of divine love, peace and joy! Namaste ~ Melanie


You mentioned how much better your life is since the Trinity of Blessings. Mine is too. I can hardly believe the change. We’ve had problems with our mortgage lender for over 4 yrs. It looks like we now have a solution that would solve it all – seems like one of those things that came ‘out of the blue’, but I KNOW where it came from! I am existing in Divine Love, feeling LOVE for everything/everyone, and asking for all the earth and her inhabitants to be within the T of B triangle. The Reiki for Jim tonight felt more powerful to me than ever. I am so blessed to be a healer. It brings me pure joy!! In school, I wanted more than anything to be a doctor. Now I am, just a different kind! Thank you AA Michael, Debbie and our Creator. I feel different than even a few weeks ago!!! ~ Ellyn Schroeder


Since I’ve done the Trinity of Blessings my heart chakra has become very active and open. My artistic abilities have also opened up and I get more insights. I am open to more blessings to come into my life. Thank you AA Michael, for guiding me, thank you Source and thank you Debbie! ~ Ra-Raela


We are so pleased to having the Trinity of Blessings attunement that are shined up our life. After the attunement, we both are received the divine’s messages and wisdom are so clear and feel the love energy very strongly at heart! We love it  very much! It makes our life with full of happiness, love, joy and peace!! When sending out the blessings, our heart are so warm in circle flowing to whole body and one warm energy was illuminating to around!!! Amazing!! ~ Agnes & Clara Tai


Dear Debbie~ I just wanted to offer my sincere gratitude for receiving the Trinity of Blessings Attunement from Archangel Michael, yourself and our Creator last month. Instantly upon receiving the attunement I began to feel overjoyed with all the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me now and throughout my life. My heart chakra opened up wide and welcomed the wonderful energy that came through. I felt a complete shift in my way of thinking and do realize that everything does truly come from LOVE. I notice and feel LOVE more now everywhere and truly feel more connected to everyone even more so than previously each and every day. I know that it is further enhanced my reiki practice as well. I look forward to sharing this blessing with others….THANK YOU….THANK YOU…THANK YOU….Love, Joy and Peace to you….Namasté


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