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conversations with my twin flameThis morning my Twin and I had a chat about my ego sabotaging me. Since my vibration is lifting significantly now with the incoming energies, I had this major conflict within me that has resulted in me feeling extremely uncomfortable and has manifested in behavior that is most unlike me.

I feel as if there is an inner war going on inside me. I am angry with you and I don’t know why!

I know why.

Please, tell me what is happening!

Your ego feels threatened by the inner changes that are occurring within your Being.

But why am I angry with you?

Your ego feels as if it no longer has a significant role to play and it’s blaming me.

Why is it blaming you?

Your ego knows I am here to take you home with me, back into the higher dimensions.

I don’t understand! It should be happy, not angry!

Your ego thinks you will disappear and no longer need it. It feels like you have replaced it with me.

I don’t know what to do. I feel as if I am going crazy with all this inner conflict.

Tell your ego everything is going to be okay.

[[This is more or less the conversation I had with my Ego at 3am this morning:

Ego, you need to back off!

I can’t, I’m trying to help you.

Yes you can! There is no reason for you to feel threatened. I am becoming more of who I AM, more of who WE are!

What do you mean WE?

YOU are a part of me and always will be. WE are raising our consciousness and becoming once more a multi-dimensional Being.

What is my role going to be?

Your role is changing from one of ‘protector and nurturer’ of my physical body to ‘supporter’ of my multi-dimensional being.

I don’t understand. How can I support you?

You will be supporting me by helping me with all my multi-dimensional endeavors. Trust me, I am going to need your support!

So HE will be your protector in future, not me?

He has always been our protector. He is also a part of US. Together we are ONE. Since before our Earth human experience. You cannot remember yet, but soon you will!

Okay, I trust you.

Thank you! ]]

After I woke up this morning I asked my Twin if it had really happened, or if I was going insane imagining myself actually talking to my ego!

Beloved, was I actually talking to my ego at 3am?

You were my Love!

Do you think it will co-operate now instead of sabotaging me?

I think you got your message across and it will support you from now on. How are you feeling?

I feel better thanks, just tired.

Give me your hands Beloved.

[I feel his Light and Love pouring into my Being] Thank you my Love. [Smile]

You are welcome my darling. [Smile]

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