Let’s Celebrate October – The Month of 10, Unity, Oneness and All That Is Perfectly Divine!!


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Dear Readers,

Today is the 1st of October – the big ONE OH!  The date today translates to the number ONE in numerology. One website says “number 1 is like the Daddy from which all other numbers originate. It is said to be the most masculine of numbers..”.

So let’s celebrate our masculine energy today! Today is also Monday, the day when the 1st Ray – the BLUE RAY – is amplified and this energy translates to the Power of God – the ‘Daddy’ powerhouse of energy – the energy of the I AM so to speak.

So in celebration of the Divine masculine and our own inherent Divinity, I’m offering a CARD READING SPECIAL until the 10th October.

The readings are received intuitively and are written as channeled. Readings are sent out via email. The cost of the readings are 10 US Dollars per card. You can also choose to purchase a reading for a friend!

Please CLICK HERE to book your reading special.

We are in a phase of transition that can be likened to the metamorphosis of the caterpillar becoming a beautiful butterfly.

So let’s us celebrate good times and the perfection of what is going on within us at this time!

Thank you! I hold you in gratitude and love!


Deborah Faith

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A Message from Jesus ~ The Power of Divine Love


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Archangel Mchael“Whatever is watered by your attention flowers. That goes for fear as well. People’s fears become so believable because they’ve fed them with their attention. They’ve given them life. Now you have to give life to the love within you by looking for it, sitting with it, and letting yourself experience it. By saying yes to it instead of no, it will begin to blossom within you. Only you can do this work. No one else can experience your love for you. I can only point to it and give you these instructions, but ultimately, you must choose to give it life, to let love live, to let love be felt and expressed. This may sound hard to do (the mind makes everything seem difficult), but it isn’t hard. Once you choose this, you’ll see that love has been there all along, waiting for you to notice it. Love rejoices in your discovery of it. The angels rejoice in your discovery of it. We are all pulling for you to align with love, because that’s what this life on earth is all about. The winners of the game of life are the ones who learn to love. Of course, everyone eventually does learn to love, because the game of life is rigged to teach you this. That’s why it is actually easy to learn to love: The forces that be want this for you more than anything else, and they’ll do whatever it takes to help you learn to love. You have the force of the universe behind you when you finally make love instead of fear your constant companion.” – Lord Jesus

The Trinity of Blessings Attunement to Divine Love from Archangel Michael

Did you know that the Trinity of Blessings is an attunement that can help you embody more and more Divine Love? The cost of this attunement is just $20, the proceeds of which goes towards supporting the financial needs of Light Workers.

When you purchase this attunement we will send you a Mp3 Meditation with our compliments to assist you in your daily meditation practice.

Purchase Trinity of Blessings Here

Love and Infinite Blessings!


Deborah Faith




21/9 Equinox & Full Moon Celebration Workshop


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Dearest Readers,

This month of September holds the jewel of the Equinox – equal day/night – the start of Fall or Autumn in the Northern hemisphere and Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. It will be a time of rebirth and renewal for some and reflection and retrospection for others. The Equinox also holds a great deal of magic as the equal day/night allows for a unique balance in energies to occur that opens a magical window of opportunity for those who have the courage to walk through into the unknown/unseen inner parts of themselves!

So our intention with this workshop is to provide you with a balancing of your energy centers – chakras – to prepare you for this special Equinox energy. This energy clearing is being sponsored by The Golden One’s – the beloved Seraphim Angels who will step forward to assist us.  You will want to be as clear as you can possibly be at the time of the actual Equinox which takes place on Sunday, the 23rd September at 03.54 South African time. Please do check the actual date and time in your time zone here.

After we have all enjoyed this balancing and clearing, Archangel Michael will lead us in the second part of his journey to visit the Higher dimensions. This time we are taken to the 13th Dimension – the Throne of the I AM – that resides in the 12th Chakra. There are no words to describe how heart-opening this meditation is. In the journey leading up to the 13th Dimension, we will meet our Monad, our Council of 9 and our Council of 12 who have been with us through eons and eons of time. At each level we are given their gifts of love and we can ask for whatever we feel we need to enhance our life experience at this point in our journey.

We will also be once again enjoying the experience of the Ascension Flame in our Ascension Chair ceremony, but this time we’re doing it differently!

We invite you to join us in this joy filled experience!

Register Here!