All Aboard the IN-ner Train to IN-Lightenment!


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You are never alone, did you know that? There is a Presence that lives within you, that IS you at a deeper level, or rather a level that is incomprehensible to the human mind and brain. If you can learn tap into this energy, this Essence within, then your life will change forever, and miracles and magic will begin to unfold in your life.

Recently on my way home from the park, I saw a large sign written on a white wall, in quite a beautiful script that said, “Surrender Dorothy”. I stared at the sign in amazement and wonderment… am I seeing things? I asked of myself, “No, this is a real sign!”

The sign has since disappeared..

I know what the sign meant though. I was to surrender fully and completely to my inner Presence. Why? Because then I will obtain the keys to unlock the doors to the magic that lay within me. I understood this perfectly. Unlike Dorothy, who didn’t realize her magic shoes could take her home to Kansas, I was oblivious to the magic that lived within me.

How do we access this magic?

We go within, to the magic Stillness. Silence is golden, yes it is. Trust me. You see, when you can still your mind, you allow for the magic to infuse you. You make space for it. The mind blocks it, or diffuses it. When the mind is out of the way, you give it, the Stillness, rite of passage to infuse its magic, or weave its magic into the threads of your life.

It’s the IN-ner train to an IN-lightened state of BEing…

Pure Light and Love

INtrained withIN



Believe and Trust ~ Special Message from Archangel Michael for today


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archangel michael believe and trustBelieve And Trust

To resolve this situation, you must believe that everything is healed and whole right now. As your faith grows stronger, the doorway to Divine solutions will open. Your trust enables your mind and body to relax, which increases your creative energy and strength—two qualities that will prove especially helpful to you.

Possible specific meanings: This situation will have a happy outcome • Positive thinking will bring you your desired outcome more rapidly • Give worries to God and the angels • Trust the person you’re inquiring about • Believe in yourself!


Before going to sleep tonight say “Archangel Michael, please enter my dreams and replace fear with faith and trust. Let me be filled strength, courage and confidence. Thank you!”

Special Message from Archangel Michael:

Beloved, you are being tested now as never before to the nth degree, but do not allow your ego to put fear into your mind, or false ideas.  This is the time to knuckle down and really prove to yourself just how powerful you are on the inner planes of your existence. It is time now to blow the boundaries of the small self and start seeing, and believing, the BIGGER PICTURE, the DIVINE PLAN behind everything that occurs. Know that once you have passed this test, and you will, trust me on that, because I know you can do it! Once you have passed it, you will be so much more empowered! So much more IN TUNE with who you really are! Do not let go now. Hold fast and steady onto your breeches my Love, and stay inside your Core POWER! That is where you will find respite amongst the seeming chaos unfolding around you.

~ I AM Archangel Michael

Thank you Michael!

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Ask Archangel Michael To Help You With This Situation


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financial abundance help

Ask Archangel Michael To Help You With This Situation

The situation that’s concerning you can improve with Archangel Michael’s help. This card serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to get the angels involved, and their assistance will improve everything immediately . . . including giving you inner peace, new ideas, and insights. Michael will help you in ingenious and unexpected ways, so be open to miracles that take on surprising forms.

Possible specific meanings:

  • Know that you’re powerful—you’re not a victim
  • Release any blame for yourself or others
  • Focus upon solutions, not problems
  • Allow other people to help you
  • Keep an open mind to alternative solutions


Dear Archangel Michael, thank you for assisting me with [describe the situation]. Please help me be filled with faith and peace at all times.

A Special Message From Archangel Michael to You:

The situation I would like to assist you with today involves helping you to increase financial flow. The best way to achieving financial flow is to relieve yourself of the burdens of the egoic mind. The worry and stress which the ego creates in its uncertainty and lack of trust in the divine intervention which is already on its way for you, serves naught except to cause you distress. In order for you to receive effortlessly all the abundance which is already flowing towards you, allow me to help clear the way for you to receiving it by staying centered in your heart. Thereby you will receive financial flow a lot sooner than you think, and you will enjoy inner peace at the time.

~ I AM Archangel Michael

Thank you Michael!

From our ONE Heart to yours,


~ Deborah Faith

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