Happy Birthday Special 25th May


Dear Readers,

Just for today…because it’s my birthday and because its a number 7 day for me, a number I love!

To celebrate, I’m offering you a ridiculous special on card readings! Just because… I love you so much!

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Have an awesome day!

Namasté ~ So much love!

Deborah Faith




Invitation to our Full Moon Workshop with Lady Kuan Yin & The Violet Flame

the violet flame

Dear Readers,

How are you doing? Before the start of 2018, Archangel Michael hinted that 2018 would be the year of Luminosity, and how true this has proven to be the case so far!

So much more Light has come into our being and is flooding the Earth, and this is great as we are moving into higher states of being in every moment. But it also means that we are being called to let go and clear ourselves of all the old programs that keep running in the background of our human mind and consciousness.

Wouldn’t it be great to just spring free from time to time and really experience ourselves as the Light?

In order for this to occur we have to free ourselves from the Laws of gravity that bind us to our physical reality and our heavy earthly body.  When we elevate ourselves through discipline and dedication to do this energy work, we get closer to experiencing the law of Levitation, where we get to remove our heavy overcoats and walk the earth in our refined and more ethereal bodies of Light.

So once again we are guided to do another clearing workshop and this time utilize the energy of the Divine Feminine Lunar energy as well as flood ourselves with the divine compassionate and merciful nature of Lady Kuan Yin so we can FEEL those divine qualities within ourselves to really experience ourselves AS LOVE!

Love is the truest and most perfected part of ourselves, and is the substance that holds us in GRACE. Love is the perfection manifest within our physical form. Love is WHO WE ARE!

In this group workshop we call upon our Divine Essence, our I AM Presence, to give us all a much needed BOOST – an elevation or step up – to restore within ourselves our compassionate nature, our loving nature, not only for ourselves but for our beloved Planet, and all the elemental beings that work with us, and for all life made manifest here.

Beloveds, LOVE holds great power! It is the most powerful and transformational force ever experienced and it never fails.  As humans we have no comprehension of its power, but it is there! Always and in all ways!

LOVE is the Sacred FIRE – the spark of Creation – that brings all manifestation info form and it is through this Sacred FIRE that we will bring Heaven to Earth once more, bridging the great divide that has existed since that fall of Atlantis and Lemuria more than 12,000 years ago!

We have 23 seats available for the live workshop ($27), but don’t despair! You can also purchase the recording ($15) which will be just as effective, as everyone’s energy will be added to the group’s field of resonance.

As part of the package, you will receive the PDF notes as well as a separate recording of my meditation with Lady Kuan Yin and the Violet Flame.

Please make your reservation here on this webpage. We look forward to having you in the group!

Declaration of Love to the Cherubim

O’ Beloved Cherubim! We, the awakened Humans of the Earth, send our Love and gratitude in its purest form to Thee! We hold you within the mantle of our Loving embrace Precious Ones, and hold you close to our bosoms of Faith! How we cherish you O’ gentle Spirits, and how precious you are to us!  We thank you for being in our earthly Presence, and accept you as our friends and as such, hold you in the embrace of our ever expanding Christed Hearts.

We Love You, We Love You, We Love You!











29/5 Full Moon Clearing & Healing Workshop with the Goddess of Mercy & Compassion – Lady Kuan Yin & The Beloved Dragon Realm


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Full Moon healing and clearing workshop

Daniela Vogt of Love Mind Matter and Deborah Faith from Archangels and Devas team up as your hosts & channels to offer you a wonderful opportunity to take part in a Full Moon clearing & healing workshop.

Daniela will be channeling the energy of the Dragons who are powerful transmuters and transformers of negative energy, and Deborah will be bringing in the energy of Michael and his team of Angels to magnify the clearing on a Planetary scale to benefit both Gaia and your own physical/mental & emotional forms.

Beloved Lady Kuan Yin also steps forward at this time to assist us in bringing in the energy of Love, Compassion & Mercy onto the physical Earth realm to heal distortions and miscreations of the precious electronic substance which our Creator gifts us with each day. This clearing will help to create harmony and balance within the Collective as well as within the elemental realm who  have served humanity selflessly for eons of time.


“Greetings Beloveds. It is with great honor and respect for you that I come forth to assist those of you who are awakening in your healing and clearing work, which is much needed now.  As you are reaching higher states of awareness in your evolution, there is much clearing that is needing to take place. For eons of time humanity has been unaware of the sacrifice of the elemental realm in their service work on the physical Earth plane. What is needed now is for humanity to open their hearts to their compassionate nature so that they can embrace one another in love and respect, and also be awakened to the roles played by the elementals in their service to humanity. Until humanity understand the full impact their dissonant energy has on all sentient life, constant healing and clearing work is necessary. It befalls those of you who are awakening to do this healing and clearing work in order to lift the huge amounts of discord unknowingly created on a daily basis. I come forth to assist you, with much love and gratitude, and I bestow upon you my Essence of Compassion & Mercy for the roles that you have chosen to play, to act as Beacons of Light for all humanity, and thus create a pathway of Light out of the shadows of darkness for our dear Earth.”


“ Greetings. Greetings. Greetings.
It is with a great amount of pleasure and joy that we step forth at this time.

What a wonderful period of the year, spring is “life” arising and fall is preparing for sleep. The elemental kingdom serves you well indeed.

We wish to heal all that is “not well” and transmute it into light,
So you can see through the veils and shine bright.
We hear your call and feel your love.
We are here to serve east, south, west and north.
Feel our powerful flames and light,
As we pour it out of our hearts and might.
Joyfully raising your thoughts and energy into total trust and eternity.
Come with us on a deep healing journey.

“Beloved Children of Mother Earth, come and join us on the 29th of May, where we will heal in the Ray of mercy and unconditional love your wounds that cause discordance and confusion. Let us assist you to the extent we are allowed to, at this moment, as each of you has its own evolutionary path to follow. Let us ease your path and clear your mind, raise your vibration and steer your heart with the fire of the eternal flame. We are the Dragons of The Mighty Three and we speak to you in consciousness of the Trinity. As we will come forth on the Full Moon creating a sacred shape around you through which we can access deeper levels of consciousness. Deep within your consciousness and that of the collective soul lies fear, grief, anger and sorrow. Many of you are sensitive enough now to feel the pain within your own vibration, the collective and the land. Allow us to transmute together with great honour, joy and in respect to the kingdoms that have served so well. Hear our call and trust in your own truth that this message is for you. We will leave you now with Blessings of the most outrageous Joy. Namaste. Adoni. “

“We are three Dragons. Opolus, the Red Ruby Dragon of Mercy, Nausic the Golden Dragon of Compassion & Celsea the Diamond Light Dragon at your service.”


  • We will be establishing a portal of Light through which higher dimensional and frequency energy can be directed in order to facilitate change through the clearing and healing of the distortions of mankind. The Group acts as the grounded “conductors” to the energy through which the Ascended Masters’ and Dragon beings healing Light can flow. This is why group work is so essential now! These portals of Light eventually merge into great gateways which serve as bridges between Heaven and Earth.
  • As the Dragon energy comes through, we will be clearing limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior that have manifested in physical discomfort, emotional imbalance etc., – as much possible will be cleared. This clearing is always in accordance with Divine Will.
  • A group clearing of dissonant energies for the Collective and the Elemental beings who have given of themselves selflessly in service to human evolution.
  • Lady Kuan Yin – Goddess of Compassion and Mercy will gift us with her divine attributes to help us restore those qualities within the Sacred Hearts of mankind to assist in the awakening of the masses to the gross distortion of energy around the misuse of the feminine / masculine sexual energy in particular where women have been subject to degradation through the indulgence of passion and lust. This also has to do with the degradation of children used in the same manner. All of this distortion has resulted in the pain and suffering women endure through the birthing process. She says “It is my desire, and it is my reason for being, to restore to mankind the dignity of birth. Into this world of form, life should enter on a song—in beauty, harmony and full control of the faculties of the mind.”

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