A Message from Archangel Michael


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Beloved Readers,

This is such a tumultuous time of change for all on the Planet right now, and the events over the past couple days have left people feeling a little tense, anxious and vulnerable as to what to expect in the ‘future’. So this morning when I asked for guidance, this card came up and I wanted to share it with you:

Archangel Michael Card ~ Have Confidence!

This is not the time to be feeling small and afraid of what the future holds. Your ego self will be by now imagining all kinds of ‘bad’ stuff that could happen in the chaos that seems to be erupting all over the planet at this time. Try, if you can, not to plug into that. You  have within you a ‘storehouse’, if you will, of strength, power, fortitude, with which to sustain your peace of mind, and peaceful countenance. Always, always, always remember to stay in the embrace of unconditional love, and you will receive all that you need to move forward in this upward journey of spiritual awakening to the Truth of your Being, with ease and joy.

Have confidence in yourself as a “greater being” – as a being that has at its fingertips enormous creative potential. Also remember that you are not ‘of this world’. You are made of greater things, and wearing this physical form does not diminish you in any way, rather it affords you the opportunity to discover this world – this level of reality – and experience all that it has to offer, through your own creative potential and choice.

Learn to weave  your reality through the correct channeling of your creative power through your thoughts and words, and actions. But also remember acceptance is key. To reject anything is to reject creation – to reject Life and its creative flow, therefore learn to accept everything and to give it your blessing – in  other words, your highest intention, which is always unconditional love. All energy is creative – you are always creating. When you remember this you will remember to be aware of what you are creating and to become a conscious co-creator with Life.

But first, have confidence in your ability to create a more substantial and prosperous future! True prosperity is experienced through  wealth consciousness, through unconditional love, of self and others, compassion – seeing the heart of the divine in all things and in everyone, perfect health, balance and harmony of spirit in all your relationships – in your relationship with nature also.

Unconditional Love Beloved! This is the key – and the doorway is found  in your Heart.


~ Deborah Faith

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Full Moon Workshop Invitation for 18/4


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“Stepping out of the Illusion, into the Infinite space of being YOU!”

Dear Beloved Readers,

We have an exciting Full Moon Workshop planned for you this coming Thursday the 18th. Not only is it a very powerful time of year with the Resurrection energy being amplified to maximum, but we are also building up to the next Wesak Full Moon in exactly one month from now.

“It has been written – on the first Full Moon of Taurus – the Spiritual Hierarchy creates a yearly Event – during which Divine Grace and Mercy are Released with an incredible intensity – in far greater Quantities. The Wesak Festival Celebration is interlaced with the Loving and Compassionate Energies of the Lord Buddha and the Lord Jesus Christ. This Festival and Celebration is a yearly Source of Inner Strength and Rapid Spiritual Development for all.” – Source https://wesakfestival.com/the-celebration/

So there is much to look forward to in the next 4 to 5 weeks when we can expect this compounding energy to expand our consciousness and awareness into knowing ourselves as spiritual beings of unconditional love and divine grace.

In this workshop we are concentrating (as always) on expanding our capacity to HOLD Light and Love within us at all times, and to keep ourselves in the awareness of our I AM Presence, so that we remain focused on what is important for us spiritually.

Lower energies continue to buffer us in fear of what lies ahead – the great unknown – and this is expected. It is normal for us to fear that which we do not know. But once we have tasted the Essence of our Source energy – the big YOU, then the fear begins to dissipate. We even find ourselves loving everything, and finding joy where previously we may have encountered feelings of anxiety and stress.

As Michael keeps guiding us with these words: “Reject Nothing – Judge Nothing – Bless Everything!”

Can you do this? Can you accept all that is happening within your life-stream now without question or judgement? Can you accept that everything has purpose? Even that which you may now deem to be causing you nothing but grief and heartache?

If you can, then you are well on the way to making this next shift into the perception of the Greater You, one of ease and grace.

Lord knows, it’s not easy. Especially when we are buffered with all sorts of negative energies from everything going on around us. But we must remember we are not alone.

I found the most remarkable book a couple days ago written by Michael Roads called “Talking with Nature”. The book explains how we can merge our consciousness with Nature and become one with it, and experience the powerful and supportive Spirit of Nature to support us in this Shift into higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

This is the next big leap we are all to take. We need to merge with Nature – the Essence of Nature – to move into Oneness on this Planet. Until mankind can feel this connection, it will be next to impossible for the shift to occur in the hearts and minds of humanity.

Luckily there are enough of the Awakened Ones on Earth now who are moving into this next stage of Being-ness, and with their help, humanity will be lifted higher and higher.

With each Full Moon and New Moon cycle we get to expand our consciousness and awareness of Self. Each cycle represents a time of expansion and contraction where we let go of old and worn out programs, and all embrace the new.

During the Full Moon we are supported in letting go of all the old and worn out stuff we have been holding onto.

The purpose of the Workshop is to ‘lend a hand’ so to speak – this coming now from the Beings who will be doing exactly this with us on Thursday. They willingly and lovingly step forward to support us to let go so that we can integrate the light codes we are receiving on an ongoing basis, thereby helping us to expand our awareness. Some of you may be feeling like “this is never going to end!” You may be feeling wary and “all cried out”.  Certainly we know how you feel, and we ask that you hang in there because you have yet to discover the bigger picture of what is happening behind the scenes.

Please continue in absolute Trust that you are closer now than ever before in making a break-through into greater awareness of yourselves as multi-dimensional beings. Essentially this is what Ascension is. Moving into greater awareness of Self as a multi-dimensional being, and being able to navigate both worlds – both physical and spiritual.

We are truly blessed to be able to make this shift in this lifetime and whilst still wearing a physical body.

We bless you and love you more than words can express. Go into your hearts and feel our love for you. Bathe in that love. This is the Essence of your Soul.

Deborah Faith



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Mini Reading for Today ~ Self Respect

Afford yourself respect! Give yourself the time of day! Don’t just rush through your day without a thought for the greatest part of you that is waiting patiently in the wings for you to acknowledge its presence. Don’t you know that without connecting to your divinity you are losing something vital?

Your Divinity, aka Me, can assist you in maintaining a high profile in your energetic field of resonance – which would help you to connect into all that you are hoping to accomplish right now. How can you ever hope to accomplish your manifestations without Divine assistance? Do you not know that in order to manifest a certain desired outcome it is imperative that you cast your net wide! If you insist on only focusing on the finite world around you, you are missing out on a great deal of energy that you can put to use, that would assist you in manifesting your dreams in a heartbeat (and with a smile!).

Beloved, you are not alone here in this physical incarnate experience. I AM with you and I desire an audience with you! Please come into My court now. I await Thee with arms stretched open wide!

I love you!

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Thank you! Namasté ~ Deborah Faith