Enough!!! It is enough. Please, let there be no more suffering!


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and end to suffering

Dear Readers,

Divine Love is the ultimate healer, and will mend all broken hearts. That much I know for sure. Divine Love is the glue that holds everything together,  the fabric of the universe is held together through the Love of the Divine.  I know also that through forgiveness, we set ourselves and others free to feel the Love of the Divine work its magic in and through our hearts. A hardened heart cannot feel Divine Love.

In the words of the Prophet Isaiah, “They shall beat their swords into plowshares…” I Google’d the phrase this morning and to my surprise found there is a wall with these exact words inscribed upon it across the road from the United Nations building in New York, in the United States of America.

beat your swords into plowshares isaiah prophet

I believe that these words apply not only to nations but to ourselves as individuals also. When we stop the killing among ourselves we will find peace as nations and in our World. I pray that day comes soon!!!

Let there be no more need to point fingers, and no more need of judgement either, for it is in our understanding already that whatsoever we do unto ourselves, we do to each other, and vice versa. For remember,  there is no other in the eyes of God, we are all One.

We will learn each one of us has contributed to the consciousness of the masses in our own unique way. Whether it be in a good or bad way, the same is true. We will learn also that through the great Power of the Divine and loving Presence that lives within us, that we can begin to heal our wrong-doings, and make right the wrongs.

So today I pray for forgiveness as I send my unconditional love to those people suffering from the latest tragic killing of innocent children in the United States. To those blessed children whose lives were taken, I send my unconditional love and ask their forgiveness, and to their families I do the same, and to the child who picked up that weapon, and to the teachers and principal of the school, I do the same. I send them all my unconditional love and ask their forgiveness.

Ho’onopono Prayer:

I love you,
I’m sorry,
Please forgive me,
Thank you.

When you deny any part of yourself, you deny God,  your Creator. Accept your part in the creation of the suffering you experience in your life, and also in the World. There is nothing that you are not. Nothing that you are not a part of. With acceptance and forgiveness, and with unconditional Love, comes healing, and redemption, and freedom.

United we stand, divided we fall. Let there be no more separation between us. Contemplate what these words ultimately mean. No separation…. They go deep don’t they? They prompt us to go within to seek a deeper understanding, for the ego cannot comprehend such a concept. And yet it is true.

Until we go within our sacred hearts and find true unconditional Divine Love, and the peace and redemption that comes with it, we will continue hurting ourselves. I pray we will find the courage to go there soon. Let go and surrender. We have endured enough suffering.

It is enough. Enough!!! No more, please. Let there be no more suffering!

In closing I would like to share with you these words of Master Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the Third Ray of Love, having himself become the embodiment of the pure Flame of God’s Love on the Planet:

“Until each member of the human race comes to a personal desire to do the Will of God and live nu the Laws of Love, he will not experience permanent happiness, nor the joy of victorious accomplishment, which brings peace, abundance, limitless love and a spiritual expansion not yet known to your outer mind. The Presence of God is waiting for you.”



Learn the ART OF BLESSING through the Attunement to DIVINE LOVE given by Archangel Michael


Happy Love Day!


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happy valentines day higher self love

Dear Readers,

Every day is a celebrated Love Day in the Higher Realms!

What this means is that you can celebrate love every day if you will only elevate your consciousness into the higher realms. The higher realms are not ‘out there’ someplace, flitting about in the ethers! They are within you, right here and right now!

Yesterday, once I’d finished a private channeling for a client, I noticed my energy was still soaring higher than I’d ever before experienced. I lay down to enjoy this blissful experience which cannot be adequately described with mere words. Nirvana perhaps? Why label it anyway? It is LOVE in the highest frequency that I was able to feel at that moment, which thankfully stretched into a rather l o n g moment!

Now for the first time I understand why Lord Adama has said that when a channel has had the privilege of communing with a higher dimensional Being that for at least 2 hours afterwards, the channel can still enjoy the blissful energy of that Being by remaining in a state of stillness and openness and receptivity within. And the same goes for the client receiving the channeled messages because there is precious energy in those words!! And the energy remains there for as long as you are open and receptive to feeling it. Many clients have told me every time they read their written channeling, sometimes months later, they still feel overwhelming love and peace infiltrate into their being! The same is appropriate for live and recorded channeling.

Now I wish to explain why some feel this energy and others don’t. In order to feel the higher frequencies of love, which is in Essence what we all are as we elevate ourselves into higher states of consciousness, it is imperative that we become open and receptive to this energy. And we do this by becoming still, going within and through invoking the Power of our I AM Presence, we are able to elevate our consciousness. A simple prayer will help your energy field to become open and receptive at this juncture. Such as Lord, please help me to elevate my consciousness and feel the exquisite love of your Presence within me.” You can add your own words to this prayer, follow your inner guidance as you go along, and allow the words flow freely. You can pray them silently or out aloud. It doesn’t matter. It only matters that you do it!

Why? Because you’re worth it!!!

In this way you can celebrate LOVE and the higher aspects of your Being every day, and in each divine Moment if you choose! Why wait until the 14th of February to celebrate that which in Essence you are!!

Now I can imagine some of you are thinking how impossible it is to stop the incessant stream of useless thoughts that come and go when you’re trying to remain in the Stillness of your Heart, and my advice to you is to allow them! Don’t resist them. In the words of the Great Lord and Master Himself, “What you resist persists..”. Allow the thoughts to come and go. Don’t engage with them. They’re looking for an audience! Don’t acquiesce! Notice them, and allow them free passage. Eventually what will happen is they will cease completely.

There will come a time in your life, and I can guarantee it will come, that you will thirst for the higher frequencies or higher dimensions of Love. Same thing really. The dimensions relate to levels of frequency. The dimensions are like rungs in a ladder, and as you’re able to elevate your frequency higher and higher, you’re able to traverse into higher and higher dimensions of consciousness and experience. And the gateway, or doorway to this blissful experience lies within the chambers of your sacred heart!

May we say again to you beloveds…. there exists nothing outside of you! You do not need any other with whom to celebrate the blissful experience of Love this day or any other day! You need only your Self. Your exquisitely beautiful divine Self.

Now give yourself a hug and say “I love you!”

We wish you a blissful love day!!
We Love You!



Change your perspective and I promise you, IT will change your life!


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Where I live there is drought, there is crime, there is suffering with numerous labels. But you know what? You can place your focus elsewhere and change your entire perspective of life.

If you don’t believe me, then watch this video:

One of the fundamental purposes of Nature is to be the mirror of perfection! That is Nature’s gift to you! Nature is the drawing card that pulls you back into the GOODNESS of Life! Nature reminds you of who you truly are! Perfect, whole and complete!

Imagine if everyone shifted their energy in this way! Would there still be suffering on this Planet? Maybe.. I’m not sure. But I can tell you from the deepest part of my being, that joy and gratitude changes lives and this energy has a reverberating effect which goes out into the Universe, out into the World we live in and changes things. All change begins with you.

That is why we say, there is no Other. You are the Other. You are the One.

You’ve heard of the saying “If it is to be, it is up to me.” This is very true!

Change your focus, and change your life. Just like the man in the video says…. by changing your lens, or your perspective, you invite in all the love and grace the Universe has to offer you.

You become filled to overflowing with love and gratitude, becoming the Holy Grail itself, as Life begins to flow out from within you.

And as Life flows out from within you, so it flows back towards you, bringing with it all the blessings of your Creator. This is the ebb and flow of Life.

Gift yourself 18 minutes to watch this video. We hope it will help change your perspective or lens on life.

Life is Love dear One. Love IS Life.

Have a glorious day!