Full Moon Workshop Announcement for 11.11.2019


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Beloved Readers,

Daniela and I are pleased to announce another Full Moon Workshop on 11.11.2019 in which we will be clearing huge amounts of dense energy for the Planet and its Collective Consciousness. A personal clearing will also take place to assist you in reaching ultimate heights in your awakening at this time.

With the 11.11. Gateway we are expecting another great expansion to take place, and in order to make way for these new Light Codes of Perfection to be integrated, it is imperative that we clear out as much of the old as possible.

As the Masters have said, “There are many layers to clearing away the effluent produced by the human psyche. Many layers, such as those of an onion, that lead to deeper and deeper discoveries of hidden fear. There are only two main emotions – that of Love and Fear – and all that is not love is borne out of some degree of fear based energy.”

In this Workshop we assist you in a wonderful clearing through the assistance of Lord Melchizidek, Metatron and Michael and with the assistance of the Ascended Masters of the Blue and Emerald Green Flames. This is to be a healing experience on all levels.

We  invite you to attend by visiting this link: https://www.archangelsanddevas.com/full-moon-workshop-11-11-2019/

If you would like to attend the Workshop but are unable to contribute to it financially, please do feel free to drop me an email to debbie@archangelsanddevas.com

Please take note of the new times as there seems to have been another shift in the time zones across the world.

We thank you and send  you all our love and blessings at this incredible time of awakening here on Earth. Our Ascension as a Planet and Collective, is having an impact on the entire Galaxy and Universe, so we are so blessed to be able to help you make this gigantic leap forward in your evolution.


~ Deborah Faith


A Message From Source ~ I AM THAT I AM

“Once you give yourself over into my care, you become mine, and I become yours. Then no more evil can befall you.

This happens when you realize the way of the ego is futile, fruit – less and fraught with pain and suffering.

When you give yourself over into my care, you do so in faith, and by trusting me. Trust is built over a period of time. Eventually my precious one, you will come to know me as I know you, and trust will come as naturally to you as breathing.

I love you so! So so very much! You are my pride and joy! Dear child, know this to be true. In you I see myself. In you I see hope for mankind, for if you could trust me, then I know the rest of my children will do so in time as well. Believe in me my love! Let me dissolve all your unbelief. Visit with me in your heart and spend your precious time with me instead of busying yourself with stuff that bears no consequence. In me you shall find your hidden treasures. In me shall you find redemption. In me shall you find everlasting life. And in me shall you break the cycles of death and know only life.”


I love you! I am One with you, I am you and you are me, forever and ever. So it is.

Full Moon Workshop Feedback ~ Deeper and Deeper We Go!


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Dear Readers,

Friday’s LIVE Full Moon Workshop was phenomenal! Daniela started off by welcoming Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron, and their helpers who led us through an intense clearing before they activated what Archangel Metatron referred to as the “Lemurian Templates”. These are ancient 5th dimensional templates which contain the basic elements of a 5th dimensional light body. As these templates were activated within us, Archangel Michael assisted with the integration aspect of these light codes. Within these light codes rest the original blueprint of the 5th dimensional galactic human that the Lemurian civilization were hoping to achieve in status prior to their demise 14000 years ago. These key codes, when fully activated will completely transform our 3d reality here on Earth. We cannot say more about these codes as more information still has to be revealed, but we have ascertained that they are fundamental to what is coming up in 2020.

Archangel Metatron and Michael have asked that the recording of the Workshop be listened to at least 7 times to ensure that the codes are fully integrated on all levels of our being.

As far as we can tell, these codes will also help with the integration of the 11.11.12 (2+0+1+9=12) and 12.12.12 gateways, and the Solstice energy on the 21st and 22nd of December.

After Daniela’s energy work, we learned step by step how to use the Nadhi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) exercise to enhance stillness within the mind by balancing the right and left hemisphere’s of the brain – and also balancing the feminine and masculine polarity. This breathing exercise is also a great way to expand in consciousness as it activates and expands the Pineal gland and assists in strengthening (or awakening) the telepathic channel. It also sets the stage for perfect stillness and peace of mind, thus creating the perfect energetic atmosphere for deep meditation with the I AM Presence and Higher aspects of Self.

We , Archangel Michael and myself, also explained in detail how to form a deep connection to the highest light within you – The I AM, and how to maintain this connection, as well as amplify it and why this is such a beneficial practice – actually crucial practice, at this time.

If you would like a copy of the live workshop recording, please place your order here for only $11. This includes the Mp3 recording and also the PDF Notes (48Mb). Your support and financial contribution helps us to cover our financial costs and allows us to continue building our portals of Diamond Rainbow Light here on our beautiful Mother Earth. So Daniela and myself thank you from the depths of our ONE hearts!

Enjoy the fantabulous energy that is coming your way Beloveds and remember to keep LOVE in your hearts always!


~ Deborah Faith