Imagination is Priceless


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Image by 8926 from Pixabay

“We’ve just left the atmosphere of planet earth. Where we’re going is anyone’s guess… we just set off with the intention of exploring. I see we are nearing a planet, it’s got a pinkish hue all about it. It is Venus! We see a landing strip which suddenly becomes visible. The landing strip is glowing as if it is guiding us safely. Once we’ve landed, our door pops open and we find ourselves emerging onto a platform that is so welcoming. It is emitting the most loving energy that seems to be cradling us in loving welcoming hugs. Wow this is amazing! No wonder people call Venus the love planet! The first thing I notice is that everything smells like pink roses!
Now we see what looks like little fluffy balls floating towards us. They look like little dogs, animals of some kind. They have huge blue eyes and pointy ears and little pointed purple tongues. They speak to us as a group, collectively not individually, not in words, it’s telepathic. The sounds they emit as they float around us are musical, similar to little bells being moved about in a gentle breeze. It’s magical and so soothing, I could listen to it forever. What a wonderful planet! I wonder if there are people here and they tell me no, this quadrant of venus is assigned to animals only but they do welcome visits from earth humans. I feel so at home here with these little creatures.
They invite us to follow then inside their palatial home. It’s magnificent! It looks like the inside of an aquamarine colored crystal, and there is a soft silvery pinkish light coming from the walls. The floors are smooth crystal, and a darker shade of aquamarine. It’s luminescent and has a soft glow. I’m wondering how everything seems to have this glowing light and they tell me it’s because everything here is of a higher frequency than what we’re accustomed to on planet earth.”

Your imagination is priceless! This is a gift that needs to be honed. The more you use it, the more it develops. Don’t let this gift wither away inside of you. Each of you has the power of imagination, but far too many of you think it’s childish. If you only knew the power of it you would use it more and more. It would shape your world, your experiences and bring into manifestation a magical life not just individually but collectively. Life is not about fighting, striving, struggling and surviving. It’s about loving, thriving, imagining, creating a joyful and opulent experience for all.

~ Wisdom of the I AM
Deborah Faith 💗

New Adventures Await You!


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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A while back in the ethers of time and space you were One consciousness. Just floating through space reveling in the absolute love of just being… and basking in the complete-ness of this natural (Nature) state. Then you began to wonder what it would be like if you ever forgot you were One… if you forgot you were complete and whole. So you decided as One to differentiate, to see what would transpire if you were given polarity to express individually rather than as a Whole. This prospect excited the One immensely and you began to plot and plan how you would do this. Thus you are here, in your Creation, expressing as unique and individual parts of the One consciousness. Every part of life, every animal, insect, flower, tree, blade of grass, rock, grain of sand, water molecule, is an individuated part of the One. Knowing this, you now have the opportunity to open your awareness further to communicate with all these different parts of the One.
You see, you really all are connected to the Tapestry of Life, or Tree of Life as some of you have named it. This is why it is so important now for mankind to broaden it’s horizons, to open itself to new awareness and levels of being, to allow for the unknown to made known, to let go of unbelief, fear and doubt, so that mankind can explore what has never before been explored. There really does exist a whole new world out there for you dear One. Your world is about to explode like the sparks of a fire cracker on the 4th of July! Are you ready? All you have to do is be open and allowing!
~ Wisdom of the I AM
Deborah Faith 💗

The end of another year….where do we go from here? What does 2023 hold for us?


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Hey You, Superhuman person! Yes YOU, for this is what you are! It’s time now to KNOW this, to embody this innate intelligence and to love it, feel it, breathe it and BE it.

It’s time to exit the madness, the confusion, the wars and the separation that has kept you locked into a paradigm of limitation.

You are, now more than ever, aware that everything is energy are you not? But you are not living fully in this awareness, in this truth, in every moment. Now is the time for you to understand the true meaning of this. Everything is energy. Everything is energy in some way shape or form.

You also already know – or have heard – that love is all there is, yet you continue to act as though this is a weak and feeble force. Why?

You continue to believe that love, as you know it and understand it, cannot possibly be enough to create the change you want to see and live in on this Earth. You all want to move into a 5D reality do you not?

Let me assure you. Love is the most powerful force in the entire Cosmos. It is the backbone of the 5D reality. It forms the structure of all higher forms of Creation. Please….. do not equate your understanding of love in its human form undermine it’s true power. And do not equate the MIND and POWER of God with your confused human mind that keeps you in a state a wanting.

You are as of now, moving into a new paradigm, one of the knowing and undeniable truth and understanding that at your very fingertips, and on the tips of your tongues, exists words that are longing to be expressed. Feelings that are longing to be felt, and a love so powerful it will blow the human mind.

For great change is at hand…..but it can manifest only if you are willing to embrace the truth of who you truly are. Your SUPERHUMAN magnifent Self!

Don’t merely read these words and shrug…oh yeah…heard this, read this so many times. There are books written about this, and I’ve read them all….. yeah…yeah! Same old, same old…

For this is what the human mind is inclined to do, it shrugs off that which it deems to be unattainable, unexplainable, and impossible.

So let us give you the good news…. 2023 will present you with the opportunity to perceive yourself beyond the limitations of the human mind. 2023 will give you a glimpse into the power of MIND in its Divine form. It will provide you with a hint of your SUPERHUMAN POWER – just a sprinkle – just enoigh to give you a growth spurt, to move you forward, giving you insights into what is possible!

Are you excited?

Love love love! BE in your heart always, judge not, for everything has its purpose. Become closely aquainted with your higher SUPERHUMAN SELF. Spend time in the magic of the silence. Listen. Be AWARE. Close your human eyes and see that which lies beyond the physical perception of self.

Most importantly, become beacons of love and light, sending your light out into the world, to everything and everyone.

We have enjoyed our interaction with you today!

Blessed be.

Wisdom of the I AM

~ Deborah Faith 💗