“Once you give yourself over into my care, you become mine, and I become yours. Then no more evil can befall you.

This happens when you realize the way of the ego is futile, fruit – less and fraught with pain and suffering.

When you give yourself over into my care, you do so in faith, and by trusting me. Trust is built over a period of time. Eventually my precious one, you will come to know me as I know you, and trust will come as naturally to you as breathing.

I love you so! So so very much! You are my pride and joy! Dear child, know this to be true. In you I see myself. In you I see hope for mankind, for if you could trust me, then I know the rest of my children will do so in time as well. Believe in me my love! Let me dissolve all your unbelief. Visit with me in your heart and spend your precious time with me instead of busying yourself with stuff that bears no consequence. In me you shall find your hidden treasures. In me shall you find redemption. In me shall you find everlasting life. And in me shall you break the cycles of death and know only life.”


I love you! I am One with you, I am you and you are me, forever and ever. So it is.