archangel michael angel tarot cardI was led to draw a card today, from Doreen Virtue’s beautiful Angel Tarot deck. I asked my Guides to specifically point me to the card which they felt best illustrates the energy swirling around us at this time. I also asked them to have this card depict, in their own opinion, what is happening on and around our planet. I was so thrilled with their selection!

Here we have “The Wheel” and the always amazing Archangel Michael. Wow – where do I even start? Let me begin with what the appearance of Michael means to me, personally. When he shows up in my life, it is normally related in some way to projects, money and professional situations. Or when he sees me going in one direction, but I really should be going in another. Again, that’s when he comes to me. But in this case I distinctly feel he is asking me to present his presence in this way to everyone. When this card turns up in a reading, it normally is signifying that the person who the reading is for (in this case, all of you) has, or is in the process of coming full circle. We’ve spun the wheel, done all the hard work, visited all the predetermined checkpoints. It tells us that things are changing, and for the better. What we’ve set into motion is taking hold and we can look forward to reaping the rewards of our faith and sacrifice.

As I type this, Michael’s energy is unmistakably around me, and it feels very powerful, protective and loving. This message is coming in claircognizantly, so let’s say that I just know what he wants me to relay to you right now. He is saying to “stay on our toes.” To be ready for some big changes and a few unexpected surprises. He cautions us to “keep out of negative mind-sets”, since we are manifesting rapidly and run the risk of pulling in some of the things we really don’t want. He also wishes for us to not be discouraged by some of not-so-pleasant things that are cropping up – things we thought we had already cleared and were done with. “It’s all a part of the journey. It’s all a part of the plan”, he says. “When you find yourself stumbling, simply pick yourself back up again. That is all which is required of you at this time.” He is indicating that a lot of us have been struggling with uncertainty and confusion over what we should expect, and that it’s caused us to “veer off your chosen path, now an again.”

Michael is here to bolster our self-confidence and to help us take those essential first steps necessary to begin a new project or make essential life-changes. Seek his direction, when you need to find your footing and get back on track. “Great things are just beyond the horizon”, he says. “So spin the wheel and collect your prize!”

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