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You are so much wiser and more intuitive than you ever could imagine!  This is the message that is coming through to me for today’s reading.  You are powerful and brilliant and limitless-a truly multidimensional being.  And (surprise, surprise), most of the time your instincts are 100% right!  But as we wear the Human bodysuit, we have a tendency to second guess ourselves, and to not trust what we can’t perceive with our five physical senses.  Which is perfectly natural. Such is life behind the veil.  But now the veil is crumbling like like cookie-crumbs, dissolving into nothingness, evaporating like water on a hot day-right along with the old and decaying ways of the third dimension.  Before we know it, it will all be nothing but a part of our history, an incomprehensible bedtime story that we tell to our grandchildren.

These times are coming up on us fast. This will be when our primary means of communication will be telepathy, and it is why it’s imperative that we begin exercising our intuitive skills right now.  All this amazing information is right at your fingertips.  But then, you already know that!  You are already “seeing.”  And if you’re not, then you need to open your eyes wide, and take a good look around you.  Trust your vision.  Trust what you see.  Trust that the world if shifting right before your very eyes and that the sooner you step out of denial and trust what’s right in front of you, the sooner you’ll feel that stillness and peace everyone is talking about.

Today’s card is from the “Ascended Masters” oracle card deck, and our Master of the day is Horus.  When we hear the name Horus, the first thing that comes to mind is the eye.  This is an eye which sees all things, and naturally has faith in what it is perceiving.  We are being guided today to add to our meditation practice a focus on the clearing and the opening of the Third Eye Chakra.  We are being asked to place our focus there and make a conscious effort to work on making this chakra healthy.  This is where we “see” clearly and intuitively.  We are asked also to begin cutting the cords of self-doubt and pessimism.

Your Angels and Guides are waiting to connect with you in a very loving and personal way!

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