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new age child

An interesting subject today and one I’ve been wanting to talk about for some time. The children that are coming to Earth now are highly evolved beings and they come with a purpose in mind. I’m interested to hear what Michael has to say about these children.

These children are a new breed of Crystal children and their primary purpose is to raise the consciousness of the planet as a whole. They are highly evolved Beings, this is correct.

Does this mean they are incarnating on 5th Dimensional Gaia?

It does, very much so. Gaia is, as you know, is already on the 5th Dimension, but she has people who are still on the 3rd and 4th Dimension, and people who are on the 5th with her. Some of these children incarnated before 21st December 2012 and those would have ascended along with Gaia.

Thank you for this confirmation. What precisely are their roles here?

For one they will be bringing much needed Light with them through their elevated level of consciousness and they will be setting an example for others to follow. These children have come also to show the way to those that are already here. In essence these children are the new wayshowers.

Are these children in any way similar to other Crystal children?

Yes they are to a certain extent similar, but bear in mind that the Crystal child of the New Age is coming here with an elevated consciousness. The roles of Crystal and Indigo children has always been to bring more Light to the Planet.

And Light is Consciousness?

Yes it is.

Would you say that the Crystal Child of the New Age is arriving on the Planet with full remembrance of who they are?

In many instances, yes. Some have chosen to only partially remember who they are. But most of them will have extraordinary abilities not found in many children.

Can you tell us what kind of abilities?

Yes. Many will have psychic abilities and they will also develop their telepathic skills very early in life. They will be able to see and hear Spiritual Beings. Some will be able to manifest instantly.

It sounds like these are not 5th Dimensional children.

No they are not. I have said they are highly evolved Beings and as such they will have further developed skills than that of a 5th Dimensional Being.

Does this mean these children will be teaching us how to teleport?

Yes, that is also one of their skills.

Well that makes sense! In the next 20-30 years, these are skills that people will need help developing on 5th Dimensional Gaia.

That is true. I would also like to say that these children will lead the way as far as technology goes. In the coming years they will be introducing new ways that are more in alignment with the values of higher dimensional Beings.

That is incredible. Will these children be working with the Galactic Federation when they arrive here?

Some will and some won’t. Some will be independent of the Galactic Federation and operate individually.

Do you have any advice to give to the parents of these children?

Yes I do. I want to say that these children are highly intelligent and as such will be easily frustrated with the mundane. They should be allowed to channel their energy into some form of creativity and they should be taught to meditate from an early age. I want to say also that they will not do well with living in big cities as they are used to wide open spaces and living close to nature.

Have I heard you correctly?

You have heard me perfectly.

Is there anything else you would like to add my Lord?

No, I think we have it covered.

In that case, thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me today on this subject. I appreciate it.

You are welcome Debbie! It’s always a pleasure channeling with you.

Thank you Michael.

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