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angel card readingsI had the knowing during the night that this would be our card for today. The issue of Security and Trust was brought up yesterday in several instances throughout my day and I sense there is a message here for us on this subject.

The following questions were presented to me yesterday. Is it fear based to own a gun when all you want to do is protect your family? Is it fear based to strap your child into a car seat because you may have a car accident? The answers to those questions you will only find in your hearts. Your ego will always tell you the opposite of your heart. Your ego is fear based, and your heart is love based. For the record, I told the person who asked me these questions that I would never own a gun, not only because I believe it to be a weapon that symbolizes violence, but I have never felt unsafe, not ever. Strapping your baby into a car seat however is taking a precaution which I believe to be an action based in love.

Something else happened to me last night which I would like to share with you. I got my hand burned in my kitchen. Or rather, let me say, I should have got my hand burned when I touched a very hot copper pan, but I didn’t. In that split second before my fingers touched the pan, I was protected from being burned. I knew it was Michael who had done this. I thanked him of course. He answered “Do you think I would have let you been burned?” I said “No, of course not.” I trust him with my life because I know undoubtedly that nothing can ever harm me when I have asked for his protection. In fact yesterday I used these exact words when speaking to the person about the issue of owning a gun:

“There is NOTHING that will get through the WALL that is Archangel Michael if you have asked for his protection. And I mean that!”

But this message today is not about Archangel Michael. It’s about trusting the Divine, trusting the God in You. Each of you have a personal connection to the Divine, to God, to that part of you that is in Spirit form. How much are you trying to live your life alone and cut off from this connection? Or are you willing to trust the connection and live your life knowing it’s got your back 24/7/365?

That is the real question. I can personally vouch that the latter is a lot easier and will bring you much love, peace and joy into your life. I hope that you will consider opting for the latter also.

Blessings and Love!

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