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large_frogprincessWe have been told by numerous Higher Dimensional Beings that nothing, no thing, exists outside of ourselves. That all we need is within us. We were told in the Conversations with God books many years ago (available for download here) that if we don’t go within, we go without. At the time I did not understand what those words meant, but I intuitively knew they would determine my living experience.

So, if all exists within us, that must mean that not only does our Higher Consciousness or High Self/Twin Flame exist within us, but so does everything else: ~ the Universe, Creator, God etc… also. And this understanding has become my conscious experience. It certainly gives new meaning to the word “Oneness”.

Every Soul incarnate here has a direct line to their Higher Consciousness. Again I would like to quote the books Conversations with God. When the author asked God who would believe he was having a conversation with God, God said “I speak with everyone. It is not a question of whether I speak, but rather, who listens.” Not everyone has remembered their telepathic ability to hear direct communication with their Higher Consciousness, but that doesn’t mean their prayers go unanswered. Every prayer is answered. Consider this: Every word you speak, every thought you have and every action you take, is a prayer. And the Universe answers every time with these words: “Your wish is my command!”

My Higher Consciousness is fond of giving me this answer. It certainly puts negative thoughts into a new perspective. The same goes for negative beliefs. My Universe will often say to me: “Is that what you believe?” I already know that if I say YES to that, he will reply, “In that case, your wish is my command Princess!”

We are creative Be-ings. We are co-creators with our Higher Selves, our Higher Consciousness. And our Higher Selves/Consciousness are powerful Be-ings. When you can grasp this higher consciousness, you will know that YOU are powerful too. If you still think of yourself as being separate from all of this, then you are going without. Something to think about….


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