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Broken Open



Key concepts: the gift of grief, being shattered as a result of loss, the potential inherent in failure.

There are situations in life when you see the value of loss, grief, and a broken heart. Yet it’s not the pain or loss itself that must be the focus of your attention here. No, not even the story of what happened, the details surrounding what has brought you to your knees, is as important as what results from the experience.

Can you see that this situation has broken you wide open, enabling you to have an even greater capacity for love, compassion, empathy, and understanding? You cannot be the same person as before. The only way forward is to move through it—without resistance or manipulation, without attempting to bargain with unseen forces—because none of your usual callbacks can put you back together again.

If you do fall prey to self-absorption or self-pity, it will just make it harder to get to the next gradual phase leading to relief. Yet even if you are prolonging the inevitable, you will get there eventually. The gift is in accepting who you’ve become as a consequence of integrating this difficult experience and allowing yourself to be more than you were. This wisdom comes at a high price, but the value of your experience of moving through and to the other side is unsurpassed. Love the you that is the result of being broken open by life’s challenges and lessons.

Let It Go



Key concepts: forgiveness, healing resentments, shedding the role of the eternal martyr, letting go of victimhood, cutting the ties that bind you to a destructive story, releasing pain so you can move into the lesson it offers, relinquishing the need to be right.

There are times in life when you must forgive, lest you become a hostage to your anger, frustration, disappointments, and resentments. This is not about condoning bad behavior or minimizing a hurt done to you. Forgiveness is simply a commitment to stop telling an old story so you don’t carry its burden anymore.

If you don’t forgive, old hurts fester and become distorted, causing you pain over and over again. You become trapped in a prison of your own making, tied to the story that you were a victim. It’s time to cut the invisible
cords attaching you to the situation and preventing you from moving forward! The truth is, you are victimizing yourself every time you re-create the unresolved hurt in your mind or speak of it with friends. Rather than allow this folly to repeat, surrender the situation to your Higher Power.

Now is the time for radical forgiveness. Say no to drama in all forms, and forgive yourself and others for engaging in it. Consider the ancient Hawaiian practice known as hoʻoponopono. This simple prayer is a beautiful way to begin the process of forgiveness: “I’m sorry. Forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” It’s based on the idea that we are all responsible for the reality we see in the world. If something is awry—whether it’s your perception, your emotional reactions, your judgment, and so forth—it’s up to you to clean it up.

Forgiveness is the key to a liberated and meaningful life. No matter what method you choose, just do it!

A Higher View



Key concepts: seeing from a higher perspective, conscious neutrality, letting go of judgment and assumptions, non-attachment, the ability to remain unbiased.

Sometimes our lives are suction-cupped to the ends of our noses, and we can’t see beyond ourselves. This happens to everyone once in a while; we fall into an automatic response to life and react from a learned, conditioned place rather than one of awareness. Being in reactivity keeps us repeating old patterns. Conversely, the avoidance of our triggers could keep us in our comfort zone, policing our attempts at new things.

The way to be successful in your endeavor to connect with others is to step out of your sticky perception of the world. Imagine your- self sitting on the back of a bird a thousand feet above your life: Wouldn’t your perspective change? From a higher point of view, you can see for miles. You could let go of naming or blaming the obstacles in your way and instead easily discover a path to more beautiful and compelling vistas.

More can become available to you in all aspects of your life when you are able to step back and get a little distance. You can wait before responding, be more graceful in your interactions, and see how everything is connected and every experience is a gift.

The world is wide open for you today. All you have to do is move to higher ground, be mindful, and celebrate the spectacle of life’s dance.

Oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid ~ The 7 Energies

Thank you for reading and for sharing. All my love,

Deborah Faith