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about archangelsI awoke in the early hours this morning to go to the bathroom. As I opened my eyes it hit me….the aches and the pains and the nausea. “I feel sick”, I tell Michael. “I know Beloved”.  Like so many times before I know by now that I feel this way because it is ‘part of my transition’ and it will pass. The top of my head is aching, and so is my neck and shoulders. The tightness between my shoulder blades is beyond uncomfortable. But I tell myself to relax, this is normal. I smile.  I tell Michael “I am dying…” . He smiles back at me and says “No you are not, you are transitioning.” I answer “Yes I know, but dying would be so much easier!” He grins at me. I know he is ecstatic with my transition so far. I can feel his excitement! Its bubbling energy can no longer be contained by him. He tells me “Dying would be easier, you are right, but dying is also transitioning”. ‘Yes I know”, I answer “but it would be quicker”. He knows I am teasing him and he enjoys our banter.  I say “I wouldn’t mind dying you know…. As long as I didn’t have to suffer for too long.” He answers “I promise if you really were dying now I would whisk you away in a heartbeat!”

I am filled suddenly with compassion as I think of those who are really sick and perhaps awake now at this time in their hospital beds and I ask Michael “Can we send them comfort and love?” He answers, “Yes we can”. I ask “To everyone, all over the world?” He says again “Yes we can”. I silently say a prayer and feel his comforting love filling my body as it flows through me out to all those who are in need  of it in the world.

Death is so misunderstood, I think. Michael has told me before how he helped me to leave my body in previous lifetimes when I transitioned.  He never allowed me to suffer, I know this for sure now. Some months ago I spoke telepathically with my brother who transitioned  some 25 years ago after sustaining a severe injury to his head. He told me he wasn’t scared and he’d felt no pain. He said he’d been surrounded by angels soon after his motor accident and they had stayed with him till he had made his transition just over a week later in the hospital. He told me Michael had been by his side also and had helped him to make the cross over to the other side.

I remember how guilty I’d felt that I wasn’t with my father the night he’d transitioned in the hospital. I remember it clearly. He’d urged me to go home and get some rest and finally at about 10pm I relented and left. Soon after 1am he left also. It took me years to figure out that he’d wanted to be alone when he transitioned. So many do. “Transitioning is personal” Michael explains, “just like it is for those transitioning in their bodies now. No two people will have the same experience or symptoms”.

“I am so grateful for you”, I tell him. “Why?” he asks. “Because you have given me a new life, and shown me a new way to live. You have so much love and compassion for humanity and for all life here. You have taught me so much and I will always be grateful for this time we’ve had together.” He smiles and answers “So will I Beloved, but the best it yet to come!”

Oh yes, it is!

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