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The Real Corona

My Celestial Body have been urging me to speak out on the latest planetary scare, which has mankind so caught up in the grips of fear.

Firstly let us look at exactly at what is a corona? According to the dictionary it is a noun describing, among other things, something suggesting a crown: such as a circle of light, not unlike which may be found depicted in ancient artwork featuring Saint and Angels. The Mirriam Webster dictionary says the word was borrowed from the Latin corona, “garland worn on the head as a mark of honor or emblem of majesty, a halo around a celestial body, the top part of an entablature.

You will then understand that to use the word Corona to describe something other than that which it is, is doing an injustice to the Light Itself and mis-qualifying your Source energy.

Therefore they – the Celestial Beings – guide you to THINK and ENVISION the word Corona as Light – a CROWN OF LIGHT – and when you do this continually you will be creating a CROWN OF LIGHT around yourself and the Planet, and this COLLECTIVE energy will create a MAGNETIC FORCEFIELD of LIGHT that will dissipate all miscreation! And when you do this visualization, you may first want to use THE REAL CORONA’S exercise below to bring you into alignment with the HEART OF THE ONE.

A message from the REAL CORONA:

From the Chromosphere of the Sun, Helios and Vesta, the Beloved Corona speaks:

Hail, Children of the Light, “I AM” Corona and I dwell in the Chromosphere around your Sun. It is My privilege to abide in the glorious Radiation of the Mighty Helios and Vesta, being visible only to Earthlings at the time of the total eclipse. Why do I come to you at this time? As We look upon your auras, We see the emergence of The Christ, and the veil or shadow of the human self receding, as you are now rapidly approaching the time when the corona, or halo, of your own being will shine forth. You have seen illustrated in pictorial manner, the shining Light forming an aureole, or corona, around ‘sainted ones’.

In the Higher Octaves your great Causal Bodies are glorious Coronas, whose luminosity is never dimmed, just increased in intensity as you become adept in the process of expanding the various Virtues of the Godhead.

The time has arrived when the Good of your Causal Bodies should be drawn forth and lowered (but not diminished) so that it will be the perfect aureole for The Emerging Christ.

I shall now proceed to give you an exercise which will be of great assistance in accomplishing this. Some of you beloved Ones employ this in part but We wish you to take fuller advantage of the Gifts and Powers awaiting your use:

First, give recognition to and center yourself in The Christ within, removing your consciousness from the outer self. Now in prayerful humility, and in gratitude for the privilege of knowing you ARE the Indwelling Christ, becoming absorbed, or saturated, in the Christ Consciousness, feel the Crown of the Elohim become activated on your forehead. Feel the Seven Rays blazing forth in balanced activity.

Pause here to give recognition to the glorious Rays, and then travel further on the avenue of your Silver Cord upwards into the very Heart of your “I AM” Presence. Love, love, Oh love that Great God Presence, and blending as One, thank the Supreme Source of all creation for this privilege. As this Oneness intensifies, visualize the pulsating Bands of your Causal Body, your Cosmic Corona, enfold you.

Now abide in this consciousness for a short while, until you become accustomed to the higher rate of vibration, and then proceed to retrace the journey of your consciousness to the starting point of The Christ within your heart. Giving a prayer of gratitude for this Celestial Journey, quietly, unhurriedly continue your application, and then proceed to follow your daily activities.

I ask that you to do this exercise for short periods at first. Should you not be adept at this, ask one of the Cosmic Beings or Ascended Masters to give you assistance, until there is no strain felt in this change of vibratory action. As you will realize this is given to you for a very specific purpose, to enable you to further blend the outer self with the Inner, and the more infiltration of the Inner, the more will the outer recede.

As The Christ emerges and is allowed to take control, there must be a rarefied atmosphere for Its functioning through the lower vehicles. It (The Christ) should have a corona of Divine Love, Peace, Purity and Beauty to permit fuller expression in the world of form, otherwise the little or human self intrudes and is in command of your being and world.

This is presented to you not as an entertaining excursion into the Higher Octaves, but to train your vehicles (physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies) so they will not further impede the Activity of The Christ within from taking control and functioning in your being and worlds, at all times!

I call the Blessings of the Supreme Source of All Life upon you in your forward progress on the Path of Spiritual Attainment.

I, Corona, from the Aura of Helios and Vesta shall be prayerfully watching the expansion of your “corona”! So Be It!

Let this be enough for now. Remember who you are my precious ascending One’s! This card from Archangel Michael is for you to hold the vision of this in your mind in this time of great change.

Remember also that change is good! Change brings about transformation. My friend Daniela in Germany has kindly recorded a clearing session in which she helps you to root out ALL fear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1BjtBknDfk&t=55s

If you wish to get in touch with me for spiritual guidance, please email me at debbie@archangelsanddevas.com

The time is NOW to learn how to manage your energy efficiently and effectively so as to STRENGTHEN your own energy matrix, and also to STRENGTHEN the ASCENSION GRID surrounding our Sweet Earth, as we COLLECTIVELY CREATE a NEW 5th dimensional Earth. This is your PURPOSE for being here at this time!

And may I remind you….

You are called to this duty because you have done this before! You  have helped in the ascension of other worlds, and you have succeeded then, and you will succeed again. Many of you have already attained the level of Ascended Master or Lady Master. You are fully equipped to deal with whatever is encountered in this Journey. Your Earth Mother is with you, remember to call upon her for inner strength also. She will hold you within her womb and you shall feel comforted and safe as you proceed in your Light Work.

Stay in your Hearts Beloved Ascending Ones! We love you more than words can convey!


~ Deborah Faith