The Crystal Devas

devas of the crystal kingdomThe Crystal Kingdom is guarded by a group of Feminine Beings known as the Crystal Devas. The Devas oversee crystal deposits on Planet Earth as well as in other realms. In a recent channeling with them they told me they are honored to work with a “gifted metaphysician” such as myself (their words not mine). I only recently discovered that I am the incarnation of Ária, a powerful healer and metaphysician in the Angelic realm. Ária works with crystals and is well known for her knowledge of crystals and their curative powers. She loves to work with Emeralds, Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite and Azurite (pictured above).

The Devas told me that we will be working together to create an awareness of the healing capabilities of crystals here on Planet Earth and looking for new ways in which to use crystal healing energy. I asked the Devas if the information we have on the properties of crystals is correct and they said Yes, but there is much more to be revealed! Together with the Devas I will be establishing a database of new information on each crystal.

They confirmed that each crystal has its Deva and that the healing energy of that crystal can be channeled through a crystal healer, but also that crystals are powerful healers in themselves.

A calling to work with the Devas was received by me many years ago when I stumbled upon a rare publication on these Divine Feminine Beings. I only recently remembered their calling and I’m very excited about working with them.


Debbie ♥

10 thoughts on “The Crystal Devas”

  1. May I ask what book you had found…I am told that I also work with Devas of the Crystals…Thank You kindly dear Sister for the Information …Blessings and Love ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. I would like to know where Jesus is in all of this and I don’t mean to rude but I’d really like to know. Thank you


    • Dear Barbara, I’m not sure I know what you mean by ‘this’, but Jesus is a Christed being and an Ascended Master and very much a part of the evolution of Planet Earth and her people. We all work together, the Archangels and the Ascended Masters, together with the Councils of Light and the Galactic Federation, everyone is dedicated to helping this planet and her people move into a new way of being, and creating a world where peace and love reigns. Everything in God’s world is balanced and works in the unity of Oneness with all of life. Crystals are another part of this living and working unity and they offer their special gifts of healing to us. There are many realms in God’s world, crystals are just one of these realms. We are blessed here on Planet Earth and we are unconditionally loved more than we can ever begin to comprehend. I hope this answers your question Barbara.


  3. I feel such an overwhelming connection with crystals. This was the first post I ever read from you. I long to work with crystals and their devas. ❤ ❤ And, that is the most beautiful azurite I've ever seen!


  4. WOW! SO interested in this! SO exciting reading this post!! I cannot wait to learn more about these Devas! Thank youuuuuuuu sooooo mucccccchhhhhh xxxx


  5. Awww! Debbie, this article on your blog is beautiful 🙂

    I’ve had an urge to put up all 77 liquid crystal cards up on my walls in my Reiki Room 🙂 That urge had been with me for about 2 months before I glue-tacked the cards to my walls 😉

    Thank you for allowing the Master Crystal Devas to work with you 🙂 They’re a lovely bunch 🙂

    *hugs from Adelaide, South Australia*



  6. Hello Debby: the explanation that you gave to Barbara made my mind clear in a lot of things.

    I ‘m totally agreed with you. I know about The Ascended Masters,The Councils of Light The Galatic Federation and all of that. my only thing that was not in my list until 2 days ago where the Devas. for some reason I starting searching for them and I found YOU.

    I ‘m a Healer. I got many crystals for sale one time, leaving a big collection for me ” Just In case” well I had those beings into a closet for 2 years. yes two years. certainly I felt the urge to get them out. Urgent Call. I got all of them and I have them on display on my dining room table.all of them are out. all of them where cleaned out, all of them are with me Morning, afternoon ., night.

    I talk to them, I thanks them for being in my house and on my hands, I tell the to forgive us for taking them out of the earth…but I tell them that we need to work, if they can guide me- I have started studying in the books, what are they for, what the benefits, I’m sending healing using pictures and crystals to abused animals in Argentina where I come from. I place the pictures and I look for the crystal that wants to work with on that specific case. ( I always pick the right one )

    I had success. a tumor from a dog was gone, a horse burnt 65 % of his body, got well in a month, yes they had veterinary care, but the veterinary said Is a Miracle.!!
    I love my crystals so much that some times I see them and cry, my soul wants to get out of my body….I want to contact the Devas. I don’t know where they are, how to call them, how to connect with them.yes I thing we are all together in this.
    and yes I will keep in contact with you. following on Facebook or Blog whatever you are. I will like to know if I was also somebody working with this in another life- bt I know that the Crystals are going to work with me on this lifetime.

    Blessings, Namaste,

    Adriana Travis
    Energetic Healer


    • Hi Adriana
      I think its because we worked so closely with crystals on Atlantis. We will be working more and more with their energy as we transcend our lower consciousness. In the meantime we work with them through our intention to do so. The Deva’s are working with us already, I am sure of this, but we will only become more aware of them once we are living in our higher states of consciousness.
      Please follow my new blog to keep in touch with me:
      Many blessings!


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